Spring Time!

When I think of Spring it brings to my mind a time for renewal, blooming flowers and budding trees.  At this time it also means that once again Washington Alumni Page will be renewing itself!  As part of my duties at the Daviess County Economic Development Foundation, Inc. I will be administering this page and updating the database with your updates and changes.  Please bear with me as I make the  transition and try to bring you informative and up to date articles about our Alumni.  With that being said – this will take some input from you The Alumni!  If you have an item that you would like brought to the attention of the Alumni, please send me a note to my email address at njsmith@dcedc.net or give me a call at (812) 254-1500 and Like us over on Facebook under Washington Community Schools Alumni Association.   If you want to receive the newsletter, please follow the links to send us your physical address and email information.  This is an exciting way for all Washingtonians to renew friendships and reconnect and I look forward to this challenge.   Happy Spring!

Natalie (Shake) Smith (78)

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