Jukebox TIme Machine

Trying to relive your past but cant find any old songs to groove to? Then your in luck, visit Jukebox Time Machine to listen to the top 20 songs of every year for free!!! Just click the year you want and you can select a song or let it play all 20 songs in a row. Reply with your favorite year or song to listen to!

Tell us what you would like to see in the future

Please take this short survey to let us know some events or changes you would to see the WHS Alumni do.

Alumni Basketball

Please take this Poll about a possible Alumni basketball game!

Welcome To the WHS Alumni Association!

This is the new Washington Community Schools Alumni Association Website.  We have made a lot of changes to the Alumni Association and have decided to make it free to join as long as you attended or are a graduate of  WHS as well as our friends at WC.   We have a list of active Alumni with up to date information and if you are not on that list you can join the WHS Alumni Association by filling out a form which will add you into our database and sign you up for the Alumni Newsletter.